The Downtown Excellence Award goes to CFM!

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The Downtown Excellence Award goes to Cobblestone Farmers Market! We could not be more honored and excited to receive this award and want to thank each vendor, each customer, for being a huge part of what makes Cobblestone impactful in our community. We LOVE being a conduit between our farms and Winston-Salem's urban core, making good food accessible for YOU ALL!

Now for a few words about what the term 'SPRAYING' means in the world of growing edibles and how to engage with a producer as to what they might use to protect their crops from damage causing insects or disease! Let's get out of the way that most producers do SPRAY WATER. It might be part of their irrigation or it may be a spray bottle that is for plant hydration, no chemicals. Next, some producers spray with substances approved and regulated by both USDA certified organic and the sustainable farming product industry. At Cobblestone, all of our vendors produce either sustainably or are certified organic. If they do use spraying as part of their growing process, they do so with products of organic integrity. We would do our producers a disservice to speak on their behalf so we encourage you to engage in learning more about their practices in detail. To read up a bit, check out OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides an independent review of products, such as fertilizers, pest controls, livestock, health care products, and numerous other inputs that are intended for use in certified organic production and processing.

Please keep on learning right along with us - building on the good intel our producers stockpile and use to produce so beautifully!


Billy Place Farm
Pastured Lamb Cuts and Farm Fresh Eggs

Borrowed Land
Oyster, Chestnut, Lion’s Mane, Pioppino, and King Trumpet Mushrooms, Grow Your Own Shroom Cubes, Shiitake plugs for Inoculating logs, and MUSHROOM BROTH!

Brasstown Chocolate
Chocolate Bars, Candies, Bonbons, and Cookies.

Buck Creek Farm
All cuts of our pasture raised chickens, Whole birds, Bone broth, and Eggs, Moravian chicken pies, Chicken Pot Pies, White Chicken Chili, and Baked Chicken Spaghetti.

Chad's Chai
Serving up Spicy Hot Chai Ya Yai!
And for the specialty tea, we will be serving Naked Chai in the "old school" style, using a pot and a ladel!

Chef Sharp
will be sharpening knives, scissors, gardening tools and more. Most tools with an edge are fixable - minor repairs to edge and tip are often included. Stay Sharp!

Fair Share Farm
Spinach, Micros, Edible Flowers, and Baby Carrots

5 cheese ravioli, Tagliatelle and capellini, and surprises from the garden!

Red Kimchi back in stock! White Kimchi, Green Kraut, Trifecta Kraut, Beetiful Curtido, and Organic Classic Kraut

Harmony Ridge Farms
Bacon. Maple Breakfast Sausage Links, Pork Chops, Roasts, Duck and more!

Heritage Harvest Farms
Reishi Wellness Honey, Creamed Honey, Raw Honey, Unique Forced Bulb Arrangements, Farm Fresh Flowers, Charcuterie Boards, and Heirloom baby broccoli leaves & florets (super tender + super packed with vitamins)

Goat Lady Dairy
Classic Chevre, Spreadable Variery of savory - hot and sweet, Marinated chevre, Chocolate truffles, Lindale, Providence, Smokey, and Sno camp

Lavender and Honey
Chocolate Tahini Challah Buns, Rosemary & Cheddar Scones, Maple Oat Scones, Curry Vegetable Hand Pies, Cinnamon Coffee Cake, Salted Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies, Amish Dinner Rolls, Amish Cinnamon Rolls, Sprouted Wheat Bread, Bee Sprout Bread, East 62nd Street Lemon Cake, Rice Krispie Treats, and Whoopie Pies.

Meadows Family Farm
Ground Turkey. Certified 100% Grass-fed Beef in all cuts. Pastured Pork in all cuts. and Rainbow Eggs for the early bird.

Myers Mushrooms
Shitake Mushrooms, Dried Shitake Mushrooms and Frozen Persimmon Pulp

Niki's Pickles
All the pickled goodness

Rowlands Row Farm
Back March 9th!

Sanders Ridge Farm
Carrots, Onions, Chard, Spinach, Spring Mix, and Beets


CHAD'S CHAI will be serving the spicy Chai Ya Yai! And for their special tea, they will be serving Naked Chai in the "old school" style, using a pot and a ladle! Naked Chai is a creamy dreamy experience made with milk and spice (no tea). Be sure to bring your reusable mug or grab some loose tea to bring home!

Blooms are coming to market to brighten a friends day or your own home! Request to pre-order flowers grown by HERITAGE HARVEST FARMS through


CHEF SHARP on the state of garden tools....Ever tried shaving with an old razor compared to a brand new one? With the old razor you're more prone to cuts, irritation and infection. Your garden tools and mower blades are the same, dull blades smash, tear and rip at plants, increasing disease and pest damage. You can also reduce fatigue with a sharpened tool since a dull tool creates more work. Be kind to your plants, you wouldn't want your hair cut with dull rust scissors. Stop by to see CHEF SHARP about that necessary spring sharpening!


Grab some swag and fill your bag! CFM merchandise purchases support the Cobblestone Farmers Market Food Access Program. Thank you for making our community stronger by your gifts of kindness and your support of our producers, as well as our food access program. Donate Online

Misty Gabriel