Two More Winter Markets...Opening in Old Salem April 6!

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Well, we have now SPRUNG forward into warmth and sunshine, YAY! We are relishing our next two markets at Wise Man Brewing which has been a sublime experience these past weeks.

Please do check out the VENDOR LIST and make sure to see that Ken Van Hoy of Rail Fence Farm is coming in with his early veggie seedlings for your gardening and edible pleasure! These next three weeks are full on for our producers who are kicking it up hard and fast to get back ahead of the rain and tend to the endless list of needs in order to be ready for market, restaurant delivery and much more. Please stay tuned to our newsletter, social media and most importantly, with our vendors who will be able to share what is new or bigger and better than ever coming from their places of production!

In anticipation of our returning bricks-and-mortar producers, please check out what Camino Bakery is doing at Brookstown now that they have moved their production to Poplar street - this is a monumental change of the best kind - congratulations, Camino Bakery! Village Juice and Organix have both expanded fresh food options with VJ's new hot spot on 4th Street and Organix's expansion in their Greensboro store, new products at all locations! Stay tuned for more shout outs to Cobblestone talents!

In the coming weeks, we will be rolling out the second tier of our REUSE.RECYCLE.BIODEGRADE initiative and sharing the next steps our producers are taking as well as our compost program, to begin to connect to actions as well as conversations around what is possible and what steps we can take to ensure brilliant success through technology and innovative systems!

Please check out our new WEBSITE and do share any tweaks/ideas you may have as we continue to develop it. We want to thank Beta Verde's multi talented Misty Gabriel who has been the lead on the new website for Cobblestone. We also want to thank our intern Annie Sims for her time and efforts in steadily translating each page so we may be on our way to a fully bilingual website this spring!

One last round of applause to our market manager, Ariana Ayuso, as she heads into YEAR TWO with Cobblestone with her graceful leadership!

See you Saturday and don't forget to stash an extra wide bottom paper bags if you are getting plants or seedlings!


Billy Place Farm
Lots of grass fed lamb cuts, lamb sausage, farm fresh eggs, Broccoli transplants, and Lenten Rose

Borrowed Land
Oyster, Chestnut, Lion’s Mane, Pioppino, and King Trumpet Mushrooms, Grow Your Own Shroom Cubes, Shiitake plugs for Inoculating logs, and MUSHROOM BROTH!

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Brasstown Chocolate
Chocolate Bars, Candies, Bonbons, and Cookies.

Buck Creek Farm
All cuts of our pasture raised chickens, Whole birds, Bone broth, and Eggs, Moravian chicken pies, Chicken Pot Pies, White Chicken Chili, and Baked Chicken Spaghetti.

Chad's Chai
Is serving up a special tea for St Patrick's weekend, the Triple Stout Irish Cream. Made with Finnigan's Wake-up and frothed homemade Irish Cream!

Chef Sharp
.will be sharpening knives, scissors, gardening tools and more. Most tools with an edge are fixable - minor repairs to edge and tip are often included. Stay Sharp!

Fair Share Farm
Plenty of Microgreens and a limited amount of spinach!

Farm Fresh Produce and Fresh Pasta! Five Cheese Ravioli, Tagliatelle & Capellini.

Red Kimchi, White Kimchi, Purple Kraut, Chowhound Kraut, Trifecta Kraut, and Organic Classic Kraut

Harmony Ridge Farms
Bacon. Maple Breakfast Sausage Links, Pork Chops, Roasts, Duck and more!

Heritage Harvest Farms
Reishi Wellness Honey, Creamed Honey, Raw Honey, Unique Forced Bulb Arrangements, Farm Fresh Flowers, Charcuterie Boards, and Heirloom Purple Brussels sprouts leaves (unique & lovely, sauté for a mild, sweet flavor)

Goat Lady Dairy
Classic Chevre, Spreadable Variery of savory - hot and sweet, Marinated chevre, Chocolate truffles, Lindale, Providence, Smokey, and Sno camp.

Lavender and Honey
Chocolate Chess Pie (Mini), Lemon Poppyseed Scones, Coffee Chocolate Almond Scones, Rosemary & Cheddar Scones, Pecan Crumble Coffee Cake, Brown Butter Rice Krispie Squares (ok, ok we’re bringing them back!), Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cookies, Classic Lemon Bars, Double Chocolate Brownies, Sprouted Wheat Bread.

Meadows Family Farm
Ground Turkey. BACON. Certified Grass-fed grass-finished Beef. Pastured Heritage Pork. Turkey wings and legs (great for smoking - AND limited supply), and Pet Food!

Myers Mushrooms
Shitake Mushrooms, Dried Shitake Mushrooms and Frozen Persimmon Pulp

Niki's Pickles
All the pickled goodness

Rail Fence Farm
Bringing Spring Transplants this Saturday! Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Collards, Kale, Spinach, Bok Choy and Arugula.

Rowlands Row Farm
Back March 23rd!

Sanders Ridge Farm
Carrots, Beets, Onions, Spinach, Spring Mix, Chard, Kale & Herbs! Our 2019 Farm Share information is available! We will offer 3 different share options: veggies, flowers & wine!!


VEGGIE TRANSPLANTS! Rail Fence Farm is bringing Spring Transplants this Saturday! Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Collards, Kale, Spinach, Bok Choy and Arugula.

CHAD’S CHAI is serving up a special tea for St Patrick's weekend, the Triple Stout Irish Cream. Made with Finnigan's Wake-up and frothed homemade Irish Cream! Totally vegan and alcohol free. The tea of the month is also Finnigan's Wake-up. Stop by to check out so many other tea options to sip on or enjoy at home!

Misty Gabriel