Let's celebrate SPRING...

…and the sunny 60 degrees this weekend - home gardens are begging for early spring perennials and veggie plants, perfect planting temp for these little gems to thrive!

Image 3-28-19 at 2.20 PM.jpg

Just in - lettuce transplants - think cool patio for the next few weeks graced with glorious fresh flower pots full of 'salad' coming up with a few pansies tucked in for color and edible delight!

Some yum things that we are excited about...pairing roasted duck with a bit of fresh goat cheese on fluffy fresh beds of broccoli micros or pulling the last of the roasted tomatoes bagged in the freezer from last year to add to some ground turkey and fresh herbs for a delicious pasta sauce…on fresh farm egg noodles! Oh…eggs and purple brussel sprouts with toast or scones and some chai...or lots of grilling items topped with pickles and kimchi for these first warm days that keep us outside longer even if we need a polar fleece when the sun goes down!

See ya Saturday for our last Winter Market…perhaps with a baby beer or a mimosa to toast our very Wise Man hosts!


Billy Place Farm
Lots of lambs cuts, lamb sausage, loads of farm fresh hen fruit, Jerusalem artichokes, and Perennials

Borrowed Land
Oyster, Chestnut, Lion’s Mane, Pioppino, and King Trumpet Mushrooms, Grow Your Own Shroom Cubes, Shiitake plugs for Inoculating logs, and MUSHROOM BROTH!

Brasstown Chocolate
Chocolate Bars, Candies, Bonbons, and Cookies.

Buck Creek Farm
All cuts of our pasture raised chickens, whole birds, bone broth, and eggs, Moravian chicken pies, Chicken Pot Pies, White Chicken Chili, and Baked Chicken Spaghetti.

Chad's Chai
SPECIAL on winter seasonals (S'mores, Cocoa Minty, Naked Chai). Small bags $4.50, regular $9.00, until we run out. They won't be available again until next fall! Also, we will be serving up Triple Stout Irish Cream (Triple strength Finningan's Wakeup with our home-made vegan Irish Cream).

Chef Sharp
will be sharpening knives, scissors, gardening tools and more. Most tools with an edge are fixable - minor repairs to edge and tip are often included. Stay Sharp!

Fair Share Farm
Micro Mix, Micro broccoli, Kale and Spring Mix!

is bringing spinach, dandelion greens, and mini lettuce heads. Fresh batches of 5 cheese ravioli, tagliatelle & capellini.

Red Kimchi, White Kimchi, Purple Kraut, Chowhound Kraut, Trifecta Kraut, and Organic Classic Kraut

Harmony Ridge Farms
Bacon. Maple Breakfast Sausage Links, Pork Chops, Roasts, Duck and more!

Heritage Harvest Farms
Reishi Wellness Honey, Creamed Honey, Raw Honey, Farm fresh flowers: chantilly snapdragons, tulips, ranunculus & more!! Heirloom Purple Brussels sprouts leaves, Live-edge Charcuterie boards and Chef Blends of culinary mushrooms!

Goat Lady Dairy
Variety of spreadable cheeses, Cow and goat milk blend Brie, Chèvre marinated in olive oil and herbs, Chocolate Cheesecake truffles, Aged, Raw cow milk Gouda, and Aged, Award Winning goat milk Parmesan

Lavender and Honey
Pear, Rosemary & Goat Cheese Galettes, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake with Ganache, Lemon Bars, Rosemary & Cheddar Scones, Lemon Poppyseed Scones, Carrot Cake Bars, Sprouted Wheat, Amish Cinnamon Rolls, Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cookies, Granola, Energy Balls.

Meadows Family Farm
Ground Heritage Turkey and Certified Grass-fed Ground Beef on Sale!!!! Heritage Pastured Pork and BACON

Myers Mushrooms
Shitake Mushrooms, Dried Shitake Mushrooms and Frozen Persimmon Pulp

Niki's Pickles
All the pickled goodness

Rail Fence Farm
Bringing Spring Transplants this Saturday: Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Collards, Kale, Spinach, Bok Choy and Arugula!


America loves to snack. We love to make healthy food delicious. We’re the Extraordinary Snack Company, and we pack extraordinary ingredients and a sprinkle of fun into everything we make. For years, we’ve created, enjoyed and shared delectable snacks that fuel a healthy lifestyle, one handful at a time. Urged by friends, family, and passion, we now share our bounty with you! All of our snacks are sustainably sourced, minimally processed, nutrient-dense, and super yummy with a light-hearted message to uplift the spirits and earn a chuckle or two. We find it’s a terrific reminder that life AND snacks should be delicious & fun!

We’ll have all of our local favorites…Banana NOT Bread Walnuts, Original & Spicy DILLiscious Cashews made with Niki’s All Purpose Pickle Potion, and our vegan cheese nibs & onion crisps.

Stop by to see Rail Fence Farm and Billy Place Farm to grab your transplants now that spring has sprung!

Meadows Family Farms will have Ground Heritage Turkey and Certified Grass-fed Ground Beef on Sale!! Be sure to check in with all of our protein vendors for special deals so you may load up for the 13 days before we transform into your outdoor grocer on April 6 in Old Salem!

Misty Gabriel