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BIG/little #1 - TWO Cobblestone Markets in one week? You betcha! We are opening our 'little' Wednesday market NEXT Wednesday, 10:30-1pm on Highland Avenue located just inside the lobby of the Department of Public Health! We love partnering with the WIC (Women Infant and Children) folks and making good food accessible in an area where it is less plentiful. Stay tuned for the vendor list coming out on Tuesdays and plan to swing by this market during the lunch to pick up mid week groceries or that special pre-order!

BIG/little #2 - please join us with a BIG shout out to two important businesses that have made a difference in our community by connecting us to both fresh food and community, supporting our small and medium farms and producers. THANK YOU to Let it Grow Produce and Colony Urban Farm for ALL that you have given us during your tenure. Your BIG impact will keep making good things happen through all of whom you have reached in your establishments!

BIG/little #3 - Let's GO TO the MOVIES! Get ready to join us at a/perture cinema beginning May 24th for the screening of BIGGEST LITTLE FARM, a moving documentary that Rotten Tomatoes tags as "an environmental advocacy documentary with a satisfying side dish of hope for the future". This story of of making dreams come true, championing biodiversity and integrity is inspiring to us at Beta Verde and fuels us to champion our producers even more intentionally for all that they bring to us with hand and heart. Check out the film details below the charming image of Apricot Lane's pig!


Our summer weekday market is BACK! Located just past the lobby INSIDE the Department of Public Health, this summer market provides a midweek slice of Cobblestone's fresh food options in an area of our city where these options and transportation choices are less plentiful.

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Partnering with the WIC (Women Infant and Children) office is a joy and this year we have doubled the market weeks to 10 (or more)! With the folks at WIC, we are able to help reduce transportation barriers to good food access and add spending power to those who are eligible for WIC or SNAP benefits. WIC FMNP vouchers are matched dollar-for-dollar and SNAP participants receive an additional $10 in market tokens per market thanks to support from the Think Orange campaign and our community. The match program is available at both the Wednesday and Saturday markets.

Please share the news of our Wednesday market, the mid week go-to for snagging seasonal delicious food finds!


Beta Verde is excited to partner with a/perture cinema to bring The Biggest Little Farm
to Winston-Salem! A documentary about one couple’s eight-year journey to establish an organic farm in the foothills of California. After generating a buzz at film festivals and winning a number of “Best Of” awards and becoming an audience favorite, The Biggest Little Farm is making its theatrical debut this summer.
It opens at a/perture on Friday, May 24. Visit for tickets and showtimes.


There are several reasons why choosing to purchase local and sustainable food may be a better choice for you and your family. As more farmers face agricultural challenges (e.g., limited water availability, etc.) it is becoming more difficult to find organic and healthy food that is grown, harvested and sold with sustainability in mind. However, the benefits of choosing locally grown produce and sustainable foods definitely outweigh the challenges of finding it.

Eating local food also allows you to have more power as a consumer to monitor where your food comes from, and how it is grown and raised. If you eat seasonally, you will reduce the amount of energy used to store your food. If you eat from The Cobblestone Farmers Market, you will reduce the amount of energy, pesticides and herbicides used in growing your food. This has benefits for your health as well as the climate, our food and water supplies, and the natural environment. Of course, if you eat locally, you will reduce the amount of energy it takes to transport your food.

The flavors and nutrients of local and seasonal food are generally much richer and more complex. Which has health benefits, and also just makes eating much more pleasurable! AND if you grow your own or you purchase from local farmers, you may discover many varieties of different vegetables and fruits you’ve never heard of.

When you buy from local farmers and grocers, your money remains within our local economy. Generally, your money will remain within our local economy much longer as it passes from that farmer to the local hardware store or the local feed store, and beyond. Whereas when you buy from a national or international chain, generally your money leaves our local economy as soon as it leaves your hands. In addition, more of your money goes directly to local farmers, so that they receive more of a living wage.

Buying from local vendors encourages important personal connections within our community. We can learn so much about our local region, by searching for local food providers. What joy it is to talk with a local farmer about her particular variety of greens, to learn from another farmer about a new way to protect your tomatoes during heavy rains, or to discuss a new law that may be passed that will affect our local food supply. The stories that come from these interactions make our lives so much happier, healthier and more beautiful.

And lastly, it is important to remember that while some things may seem slightly more expensive to buy locally and organically, in the end, eating locally, seasonally and organically is much less costly to our community; our air, water, energy and natural environment; and the safety of our children’s food supply. We can reduce economic costs by shopping only for seasonal local produce, and by growing whatever we can in our own yards.


Augustino Gusto
Brioche, Quiche, Tarts, and More European inspired pastries!

Billy Place Farm
Lots of lamb cuts, beets, swiss chard, farm fresh eggs, herb gardens, chives, chocolate mint, anise hyssop, moon flowers, nasturtium, Marseille basil.

Borrowed Land
A variety of fresh mushrooms, mushroom broth (with samples), grow-at-home kits, and spawn.

Brasstown Chocolate
Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Chocolate Bars, Bonbons, and Cookies!

Buck Creek Farm
Chicken 🐓 is back in stock!! The moment you all have been waiting for!! We have everything from whole birds to thighs to sausage and bratwurst waiting and ready for you!! Don't forget you can preorder on our from our website or Facebook page.

Buffalo Creek Farm & Creamery, LLC
Can't decide which cheese to buy or don't want to be locked in to one flavor? We'll be bringing our 3-Chevre Samplers with both Sweet and Savory options along with our half pound containers of natural, sweet, savory and seasonal (Strawberry and Onion Basil) chevres. Also in our coolers will be our aged raw milk cheeses, Queso Fresco and herbed Farmers Cheese along with our marinated garlic feta or sun dried tomato and olive feta. Brined feta is also available! Pasture raised goat meat, sold by the package, will be available in both stew and ground.

Camino Bakery
Beautiful fresh baked goods galore, varieties of loafed bread, cookies, sandwiches, and more!

Chad's Chai
Along with their famous chai, Chad's Chai will be serving Strawberry Summer, iced with fresh lime, and Jade Oolong, iced with fresh plums. Special Tea: the Chai Blossom (iced chai with coconut milk and orange blossom water).

Chef Sharp
will be sharpening knives, scissors, gardening tools and more. Most tools with an edge are fixable - minor repairs to edge and tip are often included. Stay Sharp!

Extraordinary Snacks
Banana Not Bread Walnuts, ALL the cashews (Dill & Spicy Dill, Caribbean). CaveNibs & Sunions.

Fair Share Farm
Gold and chioggia beets, Cherry belle radish, Spring mix, Butter heads, Sunflower shoots, Micro mix, Broccoli microgreens, and Arugula microgreens. Pre Orders available online.

Italian style farm egg pasta: 5 cheese ravioli, tagliatelle and capellini. We are bringing chicories: escarole, frisee and radicchio, and we are cutting more spring and romaine lettuce heads.

FarmGirl Arts
is offering Nesting balls this Sat. The vine balls hold ounces of fluffy wool for birds to build their nests. Have the most bird friendly yard in your neighborhood by hanging one of these nesting balls from your tree!

Felsbeck Farm
zucchini, squash, broccoli, collards, herbs & plants

Red Kimchi, White Kimchi, Purple Kraut, Chowhound Kraut, Trifecta Kraut, and Organic Classic Kraut

Gary's Produce
kale, collards, mustard greens, broccoli, radishes,onions, spinach, lettuce and beets.

Goat Lady Dairy
Variety of spreadable cheeses, Cow and goat milk blend Brie, Chèvre marinated in olive oil and herbs, Chocolate Cheesecake truffles, Aged Raw cow milk Gouda, Aged Award Winning goat milk Parmesan

Gnomestead Hollow
Ramps, Ferments, & Mushrooms!

Harmony Ridge Farms
Chard, Lacinato Kale, Lettuce Choi and Turnips. Will also have a limited selection of beef including steaks and ground beef in addition to the usual pork, duck, & eggs!

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Heritage Harvest Farms
Mixed Spring bouquets with poppy + iris accents! Pre-order flowers to ensure availability. Reishi Wellness Honey, Creamed Honey & Raw Honey. Lion's Mane (culinary & medicinal), Oyster Blend + King Oyster. Pre-order available through website.

Ripe Beefsteak Tomatoes and Green Beef Steak Tomatoes

Krankies Coffee
Hot Coffee, Cold coffee, Strawberry Soda, Apple hand pies, Butter & Jam biscuits, Strawberry cream cheese Galettes, Blueberry & Almond Galettes, Sausage Egg & Cheese empanadas Curry Veggie empanadas

Lavender and Honey
Strawberry Brioche, Lemon Poppyseed Loaves, Strawberry Pie, Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cookies, French Chocolate Cake (gluten-free, nut-free), Lemon Bars, Amish Cinnamon Rolls, whole Dinner Party Cakes and more. Please make specialty pre-orders by Wednesday morning & to reserve from market list please send requests by Friday morning through

Lavender Anne's Herb Farm
will have a NEW Spring Tonic Tea Blend, handcrafted soaps, natural body care products & herbal goodies!

Lil Sarah's Bee Farm
Raw Honey and Bee Pollen

Meadows Family Farm
will have Ground Turkey. Certified Grass-fed beef in all cuts! Pastured Heritage Pork in all cuts! Pet Food!
Preorder at by Friday morning!

Myers Mushrooms
Shitake Mushrooms, Dried Shitake Mushrooms and Frozen Persimmon Pulp

Niki's Pickles
Spears, Okra, and All the pickled goodness

is going to be loaded with grass-fed beef (featuring our lovely London Broil), along with pastured chicken, grass-fed lamb and forest-foraged pork.

Wellness Shots (ginger, turmeric, cayenne) will be available!

Pioneer Farm
will have THICK CUT STEAKS, roasts, ground beef and MORE!

Plum Granny Farm
Under the Purple Tent you'll find LOTS of Certified Organic Goodness including snacking cucumbers, Fancy Pants Salad Mix, Shallot Flowers and much more! In the plant department, you'll find Blackberry and Black Raspberry plants along with Nasturtium Baskets and Matt's Wild Cherry Tomato Hanging Baskets.

PTB Farm
Fresh greens mix! Kohlrabi, Green Onions. Pasture pork: roasts, belly, chops and sausages. Grass finished beef: ground, steaks, roasts.

Rail Fence Farm
will have a wide selection of summer crop transplants and herbs including tomatoes (25 varieties including sungold), cucumbers, squash (summer & winter), peppers (18 varieties), eggplant, okra, cantaloupe and watermelons. New this week from the garden, red russian kale, collards and lacinato kale.

Sanders Ridge Farm, Vineyard and Makers Kitchen
Kale, Chard, Mustard, Juicy end of the season Spinach, Fresh Dill & Parsley, Bunching Onions, Tomato Starts, Herb Planters and Herb Starts including: Thyme, Sweet Marjoram, Basil (Boxwood, Thai, Sweet & Mammoth), Colorful Coleus Starts

Sophisticated Florals
Back May 25th!

Sungold Farm
Buttercrunch lettuces, chinese cabbage, and loads of kale!

To Your Health Bakery
GORGEOUS MOTHER'S DAY COOKIES, GF/V Cinnamon Buns, Carrot Cake Kuffins, Primavera Paninis; KETO Strawberry Lemon Muffins, Chocolate Muffins, Scones; Paleo Cookie Cake, and Frosted Muffins

Updog Kombucha
Kombucha to fill your cups or growlers with!

Village Juice Company
Fresh Pressed Juice

Wholesome Country Creamery
100% Grass Fed Milk, Strawberry Milk! Chocolate Milk, Ice Cream cups, Butter, Half & Half, Yogurt, Goat Milk, and Ice Cream for Pre Order by the Quart - Call (336) 468-1520

Misty Gabriel